LiveCD Changes (sort by date)

Date Title Package Details
2017-03-22 New HL CA cert in Firefox hl-userhome Update package: hl-userhome fixes expired ssl cert in glocken shop
2016-06-16 HPKP hl-userhome Update package: hl-userhome fixes HPKP problems
2016-05-25 Keyboard Language hl-userhome Update package: Switch keyboard language to EN
2016-04-29 JD-GUI hl-jd-gui New package: hl-jd-gui used for mobile sec training
2016-04-18 CrypTool hl-userhome Add cryptool icon in upper taskbar (requires hl-cryptool and hl-32bit)
2016-04-18 CrypTool hl-cryptool New package: hl-cryptool
2016-04-18 Atom Editor hl-userhome Add atom editor icon in upper taskbar (requires hl-atom-editor)
2016-04-18 Atom Editor hl-atom-editor New package: hl-atom-editor
2016-04-18 Firefox 45.0.2 hl-firefox Update firefox in /opt/applic/firefox/ to version 45.0.2
2016-04-10 32 bit support hl-32bit New package: hl-32bit (for 32 bit support)
2016-04-10 Peda hl-peda New package: hl-peda (nice gdb extension)
2016-04-04 VDI hl-vdi New package: hl-vdi (vmware horizon client)