Vmware VirtualBox

Download OVA for the following Host OS

Release Primary Download Mirror Download
Nightly Hacking-Lab
Stable Hacking-Lab Patralos.at

Vmware Download & Installation Guide

Please proceed as explained below if you want to import the LiveCD OVA into your VirtualBox or Vmware (Workstation, Fusion, Player)

Download and Import OVA file

  1. Please download the LiveCD OVA file (download)
  2. Start VirtualBox or Vmware (Workstation, Fusion, Player)
  3. Select File > Open.
  4. Browse to the hl-livecd.ova or hl-livecd-stable.ovafile and click Open.
  5. Type a name for the virtual machine and click Import.
  6. A status bar indicates the progress of the import process.
  7. After Workstation successfully imports the OVF virtual machine, the virtual machine appears in the virtual machine library.

Boot LiveCD and Login

  1. Please boot the LiveCD
  2. Username = hacker with the password compass
  3. Enjoy the XFCE desktop
  4. Default keyboard language = EN Howto Tipp