LiveCD Nightly Build

Thanks to our CI/CD pipeline, we are proud to announce nightly builds of the Hacking-Lab LiveCD. The LiveCD comes as OVA (recommended) and ISO (not recommended). Download and import the OVA in your favorit virtualization software (VirtualBox or Vmware).

Debian Live -> Kali -> LiveCD

Download and use the Hacking-Lab LiveCD for solving Hacking-Lab challenges. Please download and import the provided OVA for VMware or VirtualBox and start solving Hacking-Lab riddles and security challenges.

Package List

The LiveCD is based on the latest Kali distribution with the XFCE window manager an 64-bit support.

  • Penetration Testing Tools
  • Web Security Tools (Burp, ZAP)
  • Forensic Tools
  • Crypto Tools
  • Reverse Engeering Tools
  • Mobile App Security Tools
  • Modified Apache Landing Page Server