LiveCD Latest Release (nightly build)

Thanks to our CI/CD pipeline, we are proud to announce nightly builds of the Hacking-Lab LiveCD. The LiveCD comes as OVA (recommended) and ISO (not recommended). Download and import the OVA in your favorit virtualization software (VirtualBox or Vmware).

Download latest LiveCD OVA (nightly build)

Hacking-Lab LiveCD is based on Kali Linux

Download and use the Hacking-Lab LiveCD for solving Hacking-Lab challenges. Please download and import the provided OVA for VMware or VirtualBox and start solving Hacking-Lab riddles and security challenges.

Package List

The LiveCD is based on the latest Kali distribution with the XFCE window manager an 64-bit support.

  • Penetration Testing Tools
  • Web Security Tools (Burp, ZAP)
  • Forensic Tools
  • Crypto Tools
  • Reverse Engeering Tools
  • Mobile App Security Tools
  • Modified Apache Landing Page Server